This is My Why

I always knew that I would one day launch a business that would give back but it took me a few years to get my “ah ha” moment. A year ago in May 2018, I had entered the race and ran in my local municipal election. I wanted to make a difference in my community and although I didn’t end up winning a seat in the council chambers, I did end up gaining more than I could have ever imagined. I received countless emails and messages from people who said that I had inspired them, messages from moms who proudly place my signs on their lawn because they knew that for once they had an opportunity to vote for someone that truly understood their needs. I made connections with people I would have otherwise never met but most importantly I was doing something I didn’t even realize that I was doing at the time, I was teaching my daughter that its ok to go out there and be who you are, advocate for what you think is right, try new things, learn new things and to not be afraid. I was teaching her that there is no such thing as failure because life is a learning experience. 

I saw my daughter grow with me through that experience, I saw her join and volunteer with the green team at her school, all on her own taking the initiative. I saw her asking questions, about the upcoming provincial election and her excitement as she stood right beside me while I filled out my ballot. After the election dust settled, I started researching conferences and seminars that we could attend together, and to my surprise the only events I could find were for girls ages 13+. That got me thinking… 

Why aren’t we planting the empowerment seed at a younger age? So as I stood awake, late one night, that ah ha moment finally came to me and I decided that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for then I would have to create it myself but I wouldn’t do it alone, of course I had to bring my daughter along for the ride, it only felt right as she was the inspiration behind it all. Now image being 8 years old and being the co-founder of a social enterprise, how empowering and I can only imagine what she will go on to accomplish in life. But for the moment, we have a lot of work ahead of us, we are on a mission to empower 1 million mothers and daughters. We want moms to feel inspired to empower their daughters to be who they are and become anything they want to be. I decided to launch a social enterprise because it would allow me to generate an income for my family, give me the flexibility I needed as a mom with 3 children, all while Empowering young girls to reach for their dreams. This is my story, this is my why. 

Thank you for reading. – Tara 🙂