Starting your own fundraiser to support  Mother Daughter Empower is an incredibly rewarding experience that can make a real difference. By supporting our cause, you can help raise awareness and funds to support the women and girls in our program. Plus, by bringing your community together around a common cause, you can build deeper connections and create lasting change that will benefit everyone. So why not take the first step and start your own fundraiser today?

Here are seven fundraiser ideas that you can try:

  1. Virtual Talent Show: Host a virtual talent show and invite participants to showcase their talents through an online video conference platform. Charge an entrance fee for participants and viewers, and offer a prize to the winner.
  2. Bake Sale: Host a bake sale and sell homemade baked goods. You can set up a table in a busy area, or sell the items online and arrange for pickup or delivery. Make sure to follow food safety guidelines and offer a variety of treats.
  3. Auction: Host an online auction and ask for donations from local businesses and individuals. Promote the auction through social media and local news outlets, and make sure to offer a variety of items for bidding.
  4. Community Clean-Up: Host a community clean-up day and ask for donations from local businesses and individuals. Provide volunteers with gloves, trash bags, and other supplies, and offer refreshments for participants. Encourage participants to fundraise through pledges or donations for the event.
  5. Charity Walk: Host a charity walk or run and ask participants to collect pledges or donations. Choose a local charity to support and promote the event through social media and local news outlets. Make sure to provide refreshments and offer prizes for top fundraisers.
  6. Get a local business to donate a percentage of their sales back in support of our charity.
  7. Get your school and or community centre to collect donations on behalf of our charity


Reach out to today to learn more about how you can help through fundraising today!