Welcome to our Mother Daughter EmpowerHER
Monthly Collective Membership Program!

A monthly membership created for girls ages 7-14!

Let’s face it, our girls are growing up in a world far different then the one that we grew up in

it's important foR us moms to have the tips tools and resources that we need to raise girls that feel empowered

Empowered to build the confidence they will need to face all of life’s challenges and empowered to be who they are and become anything they dream to be.

Every month, our program will give your daughter a new opportunity to build and grow her confidence

We also get that life is super busy and your daughters may already be involved in so many other extra curricular programs, that’s why we designed this program to work in parallel with everything else that you have going on! We don’t want this to be “one more thing that you’ve signed up for” we want this to be a monthly opportunity for you and your daughter to connect, communicate and learn and grow together.

Mother Daughter Empower Retreat

What Can You Expect from Your Membership?

We teach moms and daughters how to build confidence
through vision, mentorship and resiliency!

Collective Membership Meet Up

Every month you and your daughter will have the opportunity to join a community of likeminded mothers and daughters, together you will share and explore a variety of empowering topics and challenges!

Quarterly Empowerment Workshops

You and your daughter will have access to an Empowerment workshops ( X4 workshops valued at over $187) Workshop topics include: social media, friendships, bullying, self love, boundaries, health & wellness + more.

Special Events
& Exclusive
Members Only Contests

Our members have the opportunity to participate in many special events & contests such as; our annual talent show, public speaking contest and apply to as a finalist in our Annual Empower Girl Awards. ** Please note that our Empower Girl Award nominations will be open exclusively to our collective members.

Annual Conference & Retreat Special Discounts & Payment Plans

Our members will enjoy first dibs on conference and retreat tickets as well as exclusive offers and payment plan options!

Mother Daughter Empower is a registered Non For Profit Corporation

Thanks so our generous sponsors and parters we are able to provide our monthly program at such an affordable price, we don’t want payment to make you think twice about joining our amazing program!

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

Providing Equal Access

We believe that all mothers and daughters should have equal access to personal development and growth mindset. 

If you would like to be sponsored, please reach out to us below, no questions asked.

Helping to Navigate Life's Challenges

Our collective community will empower your daughter to build her confidence and give her the tools that she needs to navigate life challenges.

Whether you’re a grandma, auntie, step-mom, teacher or friend, you have the power to empower her today!

Diversity & inclusiveness are very important to us,
our community is a safe, and welcoming space for everyone

Yes, I am ready to empower my daughter!

Great question! We would love for you to be able to connect with us every month but understand that life happens! Fear not because if you cannot make the monthly meeting, you will have access to the recording and program material so you can set up a time to go through it with your daughter(s) at a time that is convenient for you.

Nope, you don’t have to be a mom to sign up. We encourage all caregivers and mentors to join our program as we provide a really unique opportunity for you to connect with that special girl in your life. So where yours a grandma, auntie, step-parent, teacher or friend, you have the power to empower her!

Please make sure that our emails are not going to your junk mail because all of our program materials and details will be sent to you via email on a monthly basis.

Interested in Becoming a Collective Leader?